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Evoke Neuro Rehab

Welcome to Evoke!

For the last year and a half l have been working with two neurological physiotherapy clinics which offer treatment in two different locations. This highlighted the patient’s needs for a more local service. In opening a clinic in Northleach we aim to be able to cover a wide area in the Cotswolds, this way our clients won’t have to travel so far to receive the specialized treatment that neurological injuries require.
I have lived in different countries, because of this, l experienced first hand the difficulties of having to learn a new language and grow accustomed to different cultures,  I use this in a way, to help explain the plasticity of our brains, where relearning tasks it a process that involves time and practice. 
As this blog grows, we aim to provide a better incite into neurological rehabilitation, the injuries we treat, and the different approaches we utilise to enable the brain to plasticly adapt to new sensory and motor stimuli, to allow the best motor response. 
I hope you enjoy the blog,
P.S If you have or are close to someone with a neurological injury, I highly recommend the book - The Brain that Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, MD.